Open House Policy

Open Houses are conducted on regularly scheduled Sundays between the hours of 1 to 4 PM.
A realtor representative or homeowner must be present at each home during Open House hours.

Realtors/owners must submit an Open House Application by 12:00 PM on the Friday before the Open House weekend to the Association Property Manager via email [email protected].

There may be specific dates during the year that Open Houses will not be allowed due to community wide events. We will endeavor to keep these exceptions to a minimum.

Only one sign can be posted at each property and that sign will be the property of Colliers Reserve and will be posted by Colliers Reserve Staff. The sign is not to be moved or relocated. When Open House hours are completed the signs will be removed by Colliers Reserve Staff. No other signs may be posted anywhere in the community nor will any additional information or paraphernalia be allowed. Any extraneous signs or paraphernalia will immediately become the property of Colliers Reserve and be discarded.

The Gate House Staff will distribute the following information to all participants

  • A map of Colliers Reserve
  • A listing of all approved Open Houses

The Gate House Staff will not be allowed to accept or distribute any other information, nor may any other information be left on property.

Open House Registration Form