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David P. McQuade
Director of Golf

“Playing in Hot, Humid Conditions”

Playing the game of golf when the temperature reaches 90 degrees is a challenge both mentally as well as physically. There are a few things every player should do before venturing out onto the course on a hot day. Most players nowadays are aware of the serious damage the sun can cause to the skin over a period of time. A sunscreen of at least a 15 rated protection may prevent skin cancer and wrinkling of over-tanned skin. While I have heard some players complain that they don’t like the oily feeling of sunscreens, there are some very good ones on the market that are non-greasy. Also, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen after you shower in the morning, when the skin is most absorbent.

Continued exposure of the eyes can also cause irreversible retina damage. As a preventative measure, it is advisable to wear a cap, visor or straw hat whenever you go out into the sun. You will notice that some tour players are beginning to wear sunglasses during tournament rounds to block out the sun’s damaging rays.

One of the most important things to do when playing in hot, humid conditions is to keep the grips dry. Having a towel handy is a must, as you can wet half of it to help dry the perspiration. It should go without saying that drinking plenty of fluids is a must on a hot day to help keep the body cool. While drinking water is still the best, some sports drinks are better for your well being than highly sugared sodas. Wear light colored clothing and shorts if possible. Using a golf car will help conserve energy. If you were to ever feel the heat is too much, get off the course as soon as possible. As professionals, we want to see you around for another game!